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Founding & Transition

A Food Pantry Service for needy & disadvantaged people was organised by AOJCA Pastors Douglas & Carol Allen , in conjunction with the local Church Ministers in residence at the time, including the Roman Catholic Convent staff, to provide a co-ordinated service, best utilising the joint available resources.

This was commenced in 1995. Then, in 1997, when Mr. Frank Evans was appointed C.E.O. of UMHCS (now Corryong Health Services.) Accommodation for the Pantry, was provided in the Old Nurses Quarters (Draper Wing), and equipped with a Refrigerator & a Freezer by AOJCA. This facility, Subsequently being transferred to the Old Nursing Home (now CH. Office Building) on the completion of the New Nursing Home.

In Mid 2004 the Vic State Govt. Legislated to provide for, Recovery & Distribution of Surplus Food Supplies. Instituting what is now known & registered as “ FoodBank Victoria “. Setting up a large Warehouse in Melbourne.
The Leadership of the Corryong Food Pantry were contacted and invited to Register as an Authorised Recipient for the resources becoming available. As a mutual convenience, at the time, this was done under the auspices of the UMHCS who had at that time, some brilliant Grant Application writers on staff. As space for these supplies was not available on Hospital premises, alternate venues were sought.

Following investigation. Scouts Victoria were contacted and permission to use the Old Scout Hall in Donaldson St. was granted.The Transfer of Food Pantry the Scout Hall was in place to re-commence operation in January 2005. under the oversight of Mrs. Alison Carkeek as Volunteer Co-ordinator. (under UMHCS admin). Pstr. Carol Allen was requested to assume the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator in 2010.

Subsequently FoodBank Victoria, facilitated the upgrading of the AOJCA equipment, with larger Commercial Refrigeration & Freezer units, & SS Kitchen equipment, and Stock Shelving was purchased from a grant.

Top-Up Costs, Equipment repairs and Supplementary Supplies have been covered by, Donors, AOJCA & Corryong UM Ministers thru the Magistrate Court Fund contributions.

In 2010 the Vic State Govt. Issued an Annual Community Service Award to the Corryong FS Enterprise. With, Pstr. Carol & Several of the Volunteers Team were hosted to Parliament House Melbourne to receive the Award Certificates.

In recent years the On-The-Ground Operation, Maintenance & Costs for the FoodBank Service has been Successfully Carried by the Founding Organisations in a largely, stand alone capacity, in conjunction with the Pre-loved Home Ware & Emergency Relief Supplies service of AOJCA. (Similar to the Salvation Army & St. Vincent DePaul services).

In 2019. Following, Executive Staff discussions with the new Corryong Health C.E.O. Mr. Dominic Sandilands & Resource Manager. Vicky Pitcher, An agreement was made to Transition the FoodBank Operation from C.H. to the Registered Charity, Welfare Services Division of AOJCA Inc. To be known as :: ” Corryong FoodShare Services.”. .Relevant upgrades to the Charities registration with the ACNC. FoodBank Victoria, & FoodShare Wodonga were accomplished, effective 1st August 2019. Including granting of: the relevant “Tax Deductible Gift Recipient “ status. For the benefit of all CFSS Support Donors, who may wish to contribute to the operation of the CFSS in an On-Going manner, or as a One-Off gift.

Currently, With the increasing demand for CFSS support & services, relating to on-going Bushfire recovery. We are seeking to obtain larger premises to consolidate our Welfare Services. This will also allow us to fulfil a commitment to Scouts Victoria. To return our current facility to the now re-formed 1st Corryong Scout Group.

Former location 2005-2023
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Furniture & Home Goods

Available by Appointment at Shed 3&4 TWC Innovation Centre No.3 Boundary St. Corryong

Former Recovery Clothing Service, at Old Junior School Closed as of 16th Oct 2020